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We are currently conducting in-office visits when appropriate. If you are an established patient, please contact us to arrange an appointment and we will determine if it should be in person or virtual.

Dr. Lily Hargrove, MD has been practicing Family Medicine since 1999 and is board certified in Integrative Medicine.  She currently provides comprehensive health care to patients over the age of 13.  Ivy Family Medicine, PLC is a Direct Primary Care practice and allows Dr. Hargrove to focus on caring for her patients in a way that recognizes their  unique situation, personal priorities, and individual background. Since Dr. Hargrove is truly familiar with each of  one of her patients, their medical needs can often safely be addressed through email, phone calls or telehealth. When needed, patients can expect to have an office visit with her within a few days. Ivy Family Medicine is currently at capacity and we are not maintaining a waiting list.  We will update this page when we are once again accepting new patients. 

What is Direct Primary Care? Click here to find out.